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Audiologists, Ear, Nose & Throat Physicians & Independent Hearing Aid Dispenser

Are you an audiologist or ENT physician looking to grow your practice and maximize your revenue? Audio Energy’s customized battery packaging can help you realize your full potential and become a leader in the marketplace. Our team of professionals relies on expansive industry knowledge and an impressive record of proven results with health practitioners just like you.

Focusing on your practice’s unique needs, no other hearing aid battery supplier takes a more comprehensive approach to hearing aid battery solutions than Audio Energy. Not only do we offer a complete family of Zinc-Air batteries, but our innovative packaging is branded to your business, giving you a competitive edge in a crowded industry. Now you can promote your services, offer Refer-a-Friend coupons, educate consumers, and more! The result? You’ll see more patients, create more referrals and sell more hearing aids—at no additional cost!

Sell More Hearing Aids

Audio Energy Battery Packaging > New Hearing Aid Patient > Average Net Profit $1100 per hearing aid

90% of customers purchase 2 hearing aids per year
5 new customers per year = $11,000 net profit
10 new customers per year = $22,000 net profit
12 new customers per year = $26,400 net profit (just 1 new customer per month!)

Solidifying Customer Relations

Now, there’s a truly thoughtful way to show your customers you care. Audio Energy’s unique hearing aid battery packaging is completely customizable, offering you the chance to give a gift you know they need with a personal touch they’ll love. Whether it’s “Happy Birthday,” “Thank You,” or just a simple “Thinking of You” message, your gift of Audio Energy batteries will let them hear your feelings loud and clear.